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Sixth Generation - Nimrod Henry and Julia Ann Barnes

      Nimrod Henry Barnes was born in Carroll County,Maryland on September 18, 1829, to Robert and Susan Smith Barnes.  He married Julia Ann Wagner there on January 2, 1854.  She was the daughter of George Wagner and Mary C. Milliard.  George Wagner was the son of Christian Wagner and Susan Smith and Mary C. Wagner was the daughter of Frederick Milliard and Elizabeth Rudolph.  The Wagner family comes from Germany and the Milliard family from the Netherlands.

Nimrod Henry & Julia Ann Barnes
      Nimrod Henry and Julia Ann left Maryland for Ohio in March of 1864, their first six children having been born in Maryland.  Peter Nead Barnes, our progenitor was their first child born in Ohio in 1865.  Opposite is a photograph of the "Barnes Homestead" in Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, taken in the late 1800s.

Nimrod and Julia Ann had two daughters and nine sons.  They were in order of birth:


            Charles Wesley Barnes, born October 2, 1854 in Maryland
            George Washington Barnes, born      October 27, 1855 in Maryland
            Mary Catherine Barnes, born November 2, 1857 in Maryland
            John Ezra Barnes, born June 26, 1860, near New Windsor, Maryland
            James Edward Barnes, born March 11, 1862 in Maryland, died September 10, 1863
            Hannah Elizabeth Barnes, born September 14, 1863, in Maryland, died August 12, 1864
            Peter Nead Barnes, born June 29, 1865, in Madison Twp, Montgomery County, Ohio
            David Henry Barnes, born January 2, 1869, in Montgomery County, Ohio
            Samuel Harvey Barnes, born September 29, 1870, in Montgomery County, Ohio
            Joseph Edgar Barnes, born July 7, 1872, in Montgomery County, Ohio
            Ira Wilbur Barnes, born February 17, 1875, in Montgomery County, Ohio

David Henry, George Washington, Ira Wilbur, Mary Catharine, Peter Nead, Charles Wesley, Joseph Edgar Barnes

     Below is another photo of the Barnes family with an insert of Nimrod Henry and Julia Ann Barnes.  John Ezra is superimposed on the left and Samuel Harvey, on the right. 

     Nimrod Henry died March 31, 1914 at age 85 and Julia Ann died December 29, 1912 at age 78.  Both died in Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio.  Both also were practicing "Dunkards" or Old Order German Baptist. Mary Catharine and George Washington also continued as practicing "Dunkards". 

Nimrod Henry and Julia Ann Barnes early 1900s

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The Fifth Barnes Generation - Robert Barnes

      Robert Barnes, son of Adam, and the progenitor of our line, was born upon "Hopewell" about 1788.  He was apparently his father's favorite son and his father must have thought highly of his judgement and ability, because, although he was not the eldest son, he was made executor of the estate and the preperty was left in his hands until the youngest child reached sixteen.  According to the information available from the Chancery records, Robert continued to live upon the homestead after his marriage and until the property was sld in 1820. 
      Robert married December 18, 1813, Sarah Smith, daughter of John and Sarah (Arnold) SmithJohn Smith and Sarah Arnold were married September 28, 1789, by the Rev. William West, minister of Old St. Paul's PE Church, Baltimore, Maryland.  I do not know where Robert lived after 1820, when "Hopewell" was sold, but it is known that his mother (Adam's widow, Ruth Shipley Barnes) retained her dower rights in the property in the deed of sale.
      Robert, in his will,dated April 16, 1852, and proved May 21, 1855, left a portion of "Hopewell" (31-3/4 acres) to his son Adam, and described it as adjoining the old home place on the northwest side.  He also left a tract of land which he described as having been bought from John K. Longwell.  Sarah, his wife, purchased a tract of land called "Kinfauns" from John Smith, Jr., presumably her father, on July 3, 1837.  This was described as being in Carroll County near "Morgan's Run" and it would be natural to suppose this was the place where Robert Barnes later lived and died.  His widow, Sarah, dated her will April 30, 1863, and it was probated January 15, 1866.
      The children of this marriage were as follows:

      Robert S., born 1818, married Sarah Smith
      Sarah, married Richard Frizzell
      Levi Tivis, born November 19, 1827
      Nimrod Henry, born September 18, 1829 married Julia Ann Wagner- our progenitor
      Burgess Nelson married Elizabeth A. Barnes
      Eliza A., born 1833, married William H. Hughes

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Fourth Generation - Adam Barnes

      Adam Barnes was born about 1760 on his father's estate near West Friendship, which is now Howard County, Maryland.  He apparently went up to Baltimore County (now Carroll County) when quite yound and on February 11, 1782, he married Ruth Shipley, daughter of Adam Shipley and sister of Robert Shipley who held "Adam's Garden", a large tract in Baltimore County.  Adam Barnes and his wife undoubtedly lived upon the tract "Hopewell" a few years before he purchased it, as their children are said to have all been born there.  This place, as was said before, was located in what is now Carroll County, just opposite the village of Garber, about eight miles south of Westminister.  It was just across the road from the Mount Pleasant M.E. Church. 
      Although Adam was an Anglican in his younger days, he became a Methodist at the time when Methodism became the predominant faith in this section.  In 1809, he and a group of representative citizens of this section were Methodist vestrymen and purchased a tract of land for the erection of a church. 
      Adam Barnes' will was dated May 2, 1809, and probated June 17, 1809.  In the administration of his estate, the securities were Dorsey Barnes, Sr. and Dorsey Barnes, Jr.  In his will he mentions these children in the following order:  RachelAdam, Naomi Pool, Joshua, Robert, Zachariah, Hammutal, Polly, Henry, Josiah, MargaretRuthy, Sarian, and Cassineer and made them his heirs.  He later mentioned SamuelSusanna Williams and Ann Shipley and left them 25 cents each.  He left his son, Robert all of his personal and real estate until the youngest child, Cassineer, reached the age of sixteen.The property was then to be sold and the proceeds divided amongst his heirs.  Robert was appointed executor. 
      During the March term of 1820, a case in Chancery was entered by the remaining heirs against their  brother, Robert, who lost.  Aquilla Garrettson was then appointed by the court as trustee to sell the estate, since the youngest child, Cassineer, would reach the age of sixteen on March 30, 1920.  "Hopewell", after being duly advertised, was sold at public auction and was purchased June 6, 1820 by Lloyd Pool, who was the husband of Naomi.  In the Chancery records it was stated that the son, Zachariah, was then residing in Ohio.  (My great uncle, John Ezra Barnes, who wrote the original family history, wondered if this Zachariah is an ancestor of some of the Barnesville, Ohio Barnes families.  Also he wondered if Zachariah may have been responsible for his nephew, Nimrod Henry Barnes, moving his family to Montgomery, Ohio, in the late 1860s).  The records also mention daughter Margaret as Margaret Ross and state that she was then dead, leaving a child Naomi Ross as her sole heir.  The marriage licenses of Baltimore County give the following data on the marriages of Adam's children:
      Rachel Barnes &; Vachel Pool - January 19, 1811
      Adam Barnes &; Mary Parrish - April 11, 1801
      Naomi Barnes &; Lloyd Pool - March 17, 1807
      Joshua Barnes &; Elizabeth Parrish - December 18, 1813
      Robert Barnes &; Sarah Smith - December 18, 1813
      Polly (Mary) Barnes & Benjamin Haines - January 8, 1817
      Margaret Barnes & ? Ross - date unknown
      Ruth Barnes & Wesley Driver - November 9, 1817
      Susanna Barnes & Abraham Williams - August 16, 1797
      Ann Barnes & ? Shipley, date unknown
      No information on Zachariah Barnes, Hammutal Barnes, Henry Barnes, Josiah Barnes, Sarian Barnes, Cassineer Barnes, Samual Barnes. 
      Joshua Barnes is said to have been born in 1786 and died in 1853.  He was killed by a falling rock when he and his son were sawing off a piece of soapstone to be used in the construction of the top of a still for distilling wormwood, an important industry in Carroll County at the time.  This was narrated to me (John Ezra Barnes) by his great grandson. 
      Naomi Pool and her husband Lloyd Pool are buried in the cemetery of Mount Pleasant ME Church across from "Hopewell.  Many legends are still told of her in this neighborhood.  She was, no doubt, an exceptional woman, religious and neighborly and possessed unusual skill in medicine at a time when physicians were rare in that section.  She travelled by horseback and saved the lives of many ill people within a very wide area.  A story is told of how she saved the life of a child who was besieged by wolves, many of which plagued the settlers in this section.  Upon tombstones in Mount Pleasant church cemetery are the following inscriptions:
      "Naomi, wife of Lloyd Pool, born June 10, 1785, died May 12, 1873, aged 87 years, 11 months, 2 days"
      "Lloyd Pool died Feb. 22, 1863, aged 81 years, 11 months, 8 days"
      "Hammutal Tivis, wife of Robert Wilson and daughter of Lloyd and Naomi Pool, died March 11, 1850, aged 25 years."
Note the recurrence of the name "Hammutal Tivis" in the family.  Ruth (Shipley) Barnes, the widow of Adam, outlived her husband and married secondly, George F. Miller, Dec. 28, 1809.


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Third Generation - John Barnes

      John, the second son of Adam Barnes, and our ancestor and representative of the third generation of the family in this country, was born about 1735 upon "Henry's Park" in Upper Anne Arundel County (now Howard County), Maryland.  His father, Adam, deeded to him July 27, 1765, a part of the tract "Invasion" and "Conclusions" and he inherited at his father's death, a part of "Dorsey's Grove" and "Invasion".  These lands all adjoined, so he undoubtedly lived in this viciity most of his life.  He inherited a negro slave boy from his grandfather, John Dorsey(for whom he was named), will dated September 24, 1764, and probated November 13, 1764.  It is not known definitely whom he married but it is certain that her first name was Hammutal and according to tradition, and the fact that the name occurs later in the family, we had believed that her last name was Tivis.  However, it is now believed that she was not a Tivis as Hammutal Tivis married first Adam Shipley and second John Lindsay. (See article by Nancy Pearre Lesure, "Hammutal Tivis and Robert Shipley:  a Cautionary Tale."  - BMGS 31 (3) 161-164).  There are several possibilities as to the maiden name of Hammutal Barnes
      It is not known how many children the marriage produced but we do know of three sons and a daughter - Dorsey Barnes, John Barnes, Adam Barnes and Rachel Barnes(who married a Peddicord-Petticoat).  Adam was no doubt named for his grandfather.
      On March 5, 1794, John Barnes sold his lands in Anne Arundel County, namely part of "Invasion", part of "Conclusion", and "What Is Left" to Edward Dorsey, son of Caleb, and the witnesses to this deed were David McMechen and William McMechen.  On the same day, John Barnes purchased from David McMechen, a tract of land called "Stevenson's Deer Park", "Trouting Streams" and "Robert's Lot", located in what is now Carroll County but in those days, Baltimore County.  This was located just opposite the village of Gamber, about eight miles out of Westminister.  His son, Adam, had preceded him in this vicinity, however, having purchased December 18, 1790, an adjoining tract known as "Hopewell" from John Beasman.  John Barnes lived upon his new plantation only five years, as he died, intestate, in the year 1800.  Letters of administration were granted November 29, 1800, to Robert Barnes, probably another son.  Dorsey Barnes, John Barnes, Jr., and their sister, Rachel Petticoat, inherited the tract "Stevenson's Deer Park", "Trouting Streams" and "Robert's Lot".  Any other children were apparently provided for by their father during his life time, Adam undoubtedly having been assisted in his purchase of the tract "Hopewell", which has been described before as adjoining his father's place.    

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Second Generation - Adam Barnes

      Adam Barnes, son of James and Keturah Shipley Barnes was the next of our line. He was born on "Shipley's Choice" in Anne Arundel County/Maryland between 1700 and 1710. 
      He spent most of his childhood on "Eve's Dowry", which his father purchased in 1712. In early manhood, he went up to the northern frontier of Anne Arundel County (now Howard County) and bought a tract of land called "Henry's Park", near the middle of Patuxent River, March 22, 1732. This is near West Friendship, Maryland. He also bought two adjoining propeties - "The Invasion" on May 27, 1747, and "Cumberland" on May 8, 1751. 
      In 1738, he was a vestryman of Christ Church, Queen Caroline Parish. 
      In 1732, he married Hannah Dorsey, daughter of John and Honor Dorsey (Darcy?) who was born August 26, 1709. Together they had nine children: James, John, Sophia (Petticord), Ruth (Stevens), Susannah (Linthicum), Henry, Patience (Norwood), Hannah (Hood) and Michael. His son, John, is our predecessor.          
      Adam died testate before February 1779.  Hannah died by September 11, 1792 when her estate was appraised .  James Barnes was her administrator, making him probably the eldest child and names for his grandfather.   John was undoubtedly named for his mother's father, John Dorsey.

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The Beginnings in Maryland - James Barnes

      This family history of the Barnes family of Maryland was compiled by John Ezra Barnes in the 1940s and by his niece, Audrey Barnes Shane, in the 1960s.  The first six generations have been ammended by this blogger and the Sixth and Seventh generations added are solely the work of this blogger.  In future, stories will be written about individual family members.

      Our Barnes family represents a direct line from James Barnes of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, first in records at the end of the 1600s. He most likely immigrated from England around 1670-1680, either with family or as an indentured servant. A James Barnes did arrive in Maryland on the "Cecelius" from Bristol/England in 1676 and this could be our progenator. Whoever James was, he married quite well. His wife, Keturah Shipley born around 1683 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland was the daughter of Adam Shipley and Lois Howard. James and Keturah were married before 1698 and had nine children between 1699 and June 1717, seven sons and two daughters.
      We are descended from the second son, Adam Barnes (named for his grandfather Adam Shipley). The children were, in order of birth: Richard, Robert, Adam, James, Peter, Joshua, Ketura (who married Richard Shipley), Susanna and Nathan. It is possible that Richard was named for his Grandfather Barnes, however not proven. It is also possible that Susannah was named for her paternal grandmother, again not proven. There are baptism records for Susannah and Nathan. The other children are proven by their appearance in wills and land documents.