Sunday, August 10, 2008

Second Generation - Adam Barnes

      Adam Barnes, son of James and Keturah Shipley Barnes was the next of our line. He was born on "Shipley's Choice" in Anne Arundel County/Maryland between 1700 and 1710. 
      He spent most of his childhood on "Eve's Dowry", which his father purchased in 1712. In early manhood, he went up to the northern frontier of Anne Arundel County (now Howard County) and bought a tract of land called "Henry's Park", near the middle of Patuxent River, March 22, 1732. This is near West Friendship, Maryland. He also bought two adjoining propeties - "The Invasion" on May 27, 1747, and "Cumberland" on May 8, 1751. 
      In 1738, he was a vestryman of Christ Church, Queen Caroline Parish. 
      In 1732, he married Hannah Dorsey, daughter of John and Honor Dorsey (Darcy?) who was born August 26, 1709. Together they had nine children: James, John, Sophia (Petticord), Ruth (Stevens), Susannah (Linthicum), Henry, Patience (Norwood), Hannah (Hood) and Michael. His son, John, is our predecessor.          
      Adam died testate before February 1779.  Hannah died by September 11, 1792 when her estate was appraised .  James Barnes was her administrator, making him probably the eldest child and names for his grandfather.   John was undoubtedly named for his mother's father, John Dorsey.

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